Smart Locker System using Nuvoton NUC140VE3CN Development Board


embedded system

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Lim, C. Y., Alhady, S. S. N., Wahab, A. A. A., & Durani, A. (2019). Smart Locker System using Nuvoton NUC140VE3CN Development Board. ROBOTIKA, 1(2), 38-46. Retrieved from


A smart locker system has been introduced in this project. It is more convenient to be used and has improved safety as it requires a unique access code to unlock it. User availability in front of the locker is detected by the ultrasonic sensor, they will be greeted through an LDR and then be prompted to enter the password. If the password entered is correct, the locker will be unlocked and the door is opened. The LED inside the locker will light up when the door is opened. The user can use the locker more comfort and convenience in a dark condition. The user needs to enter the correct password again to close the door to ensure double safety. If the password is entered wrong 3 times continuously, the alarm would be activated. The activated alarm only can be deactivated by pressing a reset button allocated at the security room. After deactivating the alarm, the user is still able to use the locker by just waving again at the ultrasonic sensor and the system would be reloaded. When someone is going to destroy and damage the locker, their action will be sensed by the IR sensor and the alarm will be activated to warning the saboteurs. The alarm will stop to beep once the destroyer stop to wreck the locker. The implementation of the prototype is monitored well by several steps including the planning of the project, information researching, construction of codes, test runs, troubleshooting and fabrication of prototype to ensure a successful prototype is produced. Overall, the smart locker developed would bring great convenience and privacy to the users.