RFID Based Smart Parking System


embedded system

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Eng, Z. K., Alhady, S. S. N., Wahab, A. A. A., & Kin, N. W. (2019). RFID Based Smart Parking System. International Journal of Engineering Creativity & Innovation, 1(2), 35-40. Retrieved from https://technical-journals.org/index.php/IJECI/article/view/33


The RFID-based smart parking system is proposed in this project. The RFID-based smart parking system is essential to ease the parking process and procedures. RFID-based smart parking system designed uses RFID module RC522 acts as an RFID card reader and links it to other components using Novuton Development Board (NUC 140). Apart from that, the LCD screen on the Novuton board is used to display messages and instructions to the users. Users can input their choice through the keypad on the board. RGB LEDs are used to show an increment of the vehicles to the parking lot and buzzer is used to show successful read of the RFID module when the RFID card is scanned by the users. Besides, apart from the components of the Novuton Board, the ultrasonic sensor is used to control the servo motors to ensure the vehicles not being hit by the gate. Servo is acting as a gate controller and used to control the entrance for the parking lot.