Automatic Secure Locker System (SLS)


embedded system

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Anuar, F. H., Alhady, S. S. N., Wahab, A. A. A., & Chew, Y. E. (2019). Automatic Secure Locker System (SLS). International Journal of Engineering Creativity & Innovation, 1(2), 30-34. Retrieved from


Nowadays, the demand for an effective locker system is higher due to the increase in safety. The ineffective locker system will cause valuable things could not be safe. To solve those problems, we come put with an idea to create a Secure Locker System (SLS). In this project, SLS was designed by using Nuvoton Development Board NUC140 interfacing with external hard-wares such as servo motor, tilt sensor module, and Bluetooth module. The fundamental c language such as if-else, while-loop, string, array, etc. was used to write the coding of the SLS. The program of this prototype was separated into three important parts they are keypad password lock, servo control, Bluetooth wireless password lock, and vibration detection to activate the buzzer. The main program of the project is keypad lock, whereas the interrupt program is the button to turn off the buzzer and the UART interrupt used for Bluetooth device. LCDs display the information and status of the locker. The locker would be unlocked if the correct password was inserted. The security checking system denied access to the locker if the entered password is incorrect. If the incorrect password was keyed in three times, the buzzer will ring to alert the people's surroundings. When someone is trying to move or vibrate the locker, the buzzer would also ring. The user was able to unlock the in future, the SLS can be improved with the RFID system and the IoT system.