Automatic Door Lock System using Nuvoton Board


embedded system

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Lo, P. M., Alhady, S. S. N., Wahab, A. A. A., & Mustafa, W. N. F. (2019). Automatic Door Lock System using Nuvoton Board. International Journal of Engineering Creativity & Innovation, 1(1), 33-39. Retrieved from


An electronic door lock has replaced traditional mechanical door lock and is widely used in various places such as office, home, hotel, hospital, etc. It will only allow authorized personnel to enter the secure area. A person who needs to enter the secure area must key in the correct password to unlock the door so prevent an unauthorized person from entering the secure area. The project aims to design an electronic door lock system that able to solve problems faced in daily life and enhance safety by using the Nuvoton NUC140VE3CN microcontroller board. This could provide a comfortable and safe environment increasing convenience. The alarm system control is the brain of this system. The password for this system consists of 4 digits. Users are required to enter the predetermined password to get access to the room. If a correct password is entered, the door will be unlocked. If the wrong password is being key-in consecutively for three times, the alarm system will be activated. There is a reset button for the user to stop the alarm and reload the system. The door will be closed automatically after the user leaves the room. This feature could minimize the risk of belongings being stolen. Users are not required to enter the password when they exit from the room as a door unlock touch sensor is placed inside the room. The electronic door lock system presented in this mini project can be further improved by including the feature of voice recording and online reset password for future projection