IoT-Based Intelligent Medication Dose Calculator for Kids in Drugstore


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dose calculator

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Tan, Z. J., Kiing, R. J. Y., Ahmad Sabri, A. A. H., Mohd-Rafee, N. S., Junizan, N. A., & Othman, W. A. F. W. (2019). IoT-Based Intelligent Medication Dose Calculator for Kids in Drugstore. International Journal of Engineering Creativity & Innovation, 1(2), 15-29. Retrieved from


This paper introduces an IoT-based system for medication dose calculator for kids in drugstore. The system will display the correct type and dosage amount of medicine for children based on the common illness among them by measuring their body weight. This device is specific only for the used in the clinic and drugstore. It also based on the apps application. The common illness that we take into consideration is fever, flu, asthma, headache, cough and cough with phlegm. By entering weight (manual) or measure the weight on the scale (automatic), we can provide suitable medicine type based on the children weight entered or measured with the correct dosage amount based on specific formula.