Mechatronic System: Automated Window Curtain using LDR

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Tan, N. D., Lee, J., Yazid, M. R., & Othman, W. (2019). Mechatronic System: Automated Window Curtain using LDR. International Journal of Engineering Creativity & Innovation, 1(2), 1-7. Retrieved from


College students often sleep at odd times be it in the evening or in early mornings due to being night owls. Often than not, most would depend on artificial lights such as room lamps and computer lights. The issue here is that natural lighting is not used since students depend on artificial lights, so curtains usually remain closed for long hours which is not a healthy lifestyle. Our objective is to prevent and to alert the students on the time it was at that time. Our second objective is to instill healthy lifestyle habits in a student’s life. Our third objective is to make an automatic curtain that opens and closes following the surrounding brightness. This project is based on the theme of 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). This work allows easy maneuver for opening curtains using light sensors while reusing and recycling old boxes and CD’s to create a DIY item. In this prototype, the system will start when the sensor detects illumination of light depending on the time of the day. Using a combination of software and hardware designing, a prototype was created and tested. Based on the result findings, the error finding between our expectations and the real result is a 2% error. The sensitivity of the photoresistor sensor had a sensitivity of 14Ω/nm during the daytime, while 55Ω/nm during nighttime. The accuracy of the sensor is about 95% for both light and dark.