Energy Saving - Motion Activated Smart Fan Design and Implementation


smart fan
motion activated

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Fan, J. R., Abd Razak, M. S., Mohamad Mohayadin, N. A., & Othman, W. (2019). Energy Saving - Motion Activated Smart Fan Design and Implementation. International Journal of Engineering Creativity & Innovation, 1(1), 24-32. Retrieved from


Nowadays, the weather is getting hot and the global warming keeps increasing. There are many factors that led to global warming. One of the factors is air conditioning that produces CFC. Instead of using air conditioning, using a fan is safer for our environment. Therefore, we created a smart fan that can overcome all those problems. Besides, our smart fan also can reduce energy by lowering power consumption. There are two main features in our smart fan which include able to sense the presence and follow the user motion. Smart fan will turn on when it detects the presence of the user and it will follow the user motion whether to the left or right. With the detection of user presence, it will help reduce the energy usage and by following the user motion it will help to focus on one user and reduce the temperature around its user. In this work, we use two sensors for the main features. We use the Ultrasonic sensor to follow the user motion and IR sensor to detect the presence of the user. The smart fan has managed to reduce energy by 11.47 % than the normal table fan.