Development of Simple Automatic Floor Polisher Robot using Arduino


floor polisher
Bluetooth pairing

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Goon, L. H., Md Isa, A. N. I., Choong, C. H., & Othman, W. (2019). Development of Simple Automatic Floor Polisher Robot using Arduino. International Journal of Engineering Creativity & Innovation, 1(1), 17-23. Retrieved from


In this work, we have built a low-cost and simple automatic floor polisher to ease the life of modern living. This small cleaner and polisher robot is capable of polishing and vacuuming the floor automatically without colliding with the furniture or any other obstacles. This automatic floor cleaner can be remotely switched on or off using a Bluetooth phone. The Bluetooth pairing method using a simple and user-friendly user interface, compatible with third-party apps. This project is built using an Arduino microcontroller, ultrasonic sensor, two PC fans, 4 DC motors, 2 discs, LEDs and a Bluetooth module. This polisher robot floor cleaner is made up of 3R materials, small in size and eco-friendly.